Why Grace?

At the heart of  Christianity is a story. It’s a story about a God who loved his people with an unrelenting, never-failing love. It’s also a story that finds its climax in a real place, at a certain time, in the life of one man. Jesus.

What if we all carried responsibility for our failure to love each other, our failure to love God; our failure to live, think, dream, and act out our lives with God at the centre? The Christian message has always been unequivocal in saying that’s just how it is: we do bear responsibility – we haven’t lived as we were designed to.
6740_6740_5And that’s just where God’s story of grace cuts in. A people more guilty than they could ever understand have been loved with a love that is greater than all they could imagine! Grace is God saying: ‘I know your failures, your past, your history & your guilt, but I love you!’

Grace is a story of a God whose love never gives up. A love that drove Jesus Christ to the cross to suffer for my sin, a love that will not give up on you! Whatever your past, Jesus offers a future, a hopeful horizon, and real life to each one of us.

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